Get your project rolling on rails.

Ruby on Rails, also referred as RoR or simply rails is a open source software development framework used for developing modern web based applications. It is highly robust and one of the most widely used technology for development today. Many of the well known websites such as twitter, slideshare, github, shopify, groupon are built using ruby on rails.

Why Rails?

  • Specialized for building web technologies New age and built especially for developing web based solutions.
  • Rapid Development. Fast and helps in getting a working prototype up & running quickly
  • Save Expensive licensing fees. Free and open Source; saves money
  • Great for developers. Developer friendly, and saves precious developer time
  • Huge Community. Active and Helpful community
  • Reliability & Standards. RoR developers practise coding conventions which ensures better transferability of code from one team to another
  • Quality & Efficiency. It is high on code reusability and avoids duplication
  • Well known global tech companies use it. Used by many large and trusted companies

Our Expertise

Our team members have many years and multitudes of experience in RoR development, which makes it all the more compelling for our clients to use this skill and expertise.

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Why Us

  • 8+ years of experience in Rails Development
  • Vast amounts of internal knowledge base on rails built over years of working experience.
  • Our work is spread across multiple industries and geographies globally
  • We have developed enterprise as well as consumer applications in rails
  • More than 90% of our projects are in production and we continue to provide support on our deployments
  • Developers with solid technical foundation and top tier academic backgrounds

Are you looking for rails experts? We have great experience building software in rails.

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