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All You Need To Do About GST As a New Distributor.

As someone who is new in the distribution business, you need to be aware of why GST is important for your business. So a quick checklist of things you need to do about the GST system is all you need to start-off with.

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10 Things to take care of as a new Distribution Business

As a new distributor, following certain good practices from the very beginning of your business can help you build the right culture and keep your work organized.

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Why Your Distribution Business Needs Management Software And Not Just Accounting Software?

When it comes to using the software in a distribution business, many of us think that accounting software is all that's needed. It will do the billing and bookkeeping. That’s all expected from software, especially in case of small scale businesses. It’s true as well, to some extent.

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Why distributors need a Distribution Management Software?

Distribution is a business that is operationally intensive and hence requires a lot of manpower and management. With a lot of activities taking place at any given point in time, organizing the workflow and workforce has to be done efficiently to retain the margins. How to do that? It’s a challenge.

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