Effectively manage your distribution business

Empower your business by equipping the sales force with smart capabilities and track your business on the go with BlueSapling DMS. BlueSapling DMS manages sales, orders, inventory, invoicing, delivery schedules, quotations, credit and journal accounting.

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Expand and optimize distribution operations


Automate Operations

Digitalise information and automate business processes to reduce pilferage, increase efficiency and real time visibility of operations.


Expand Business

Grow your business by efficiently managing your increasing sales force, locations, brands and distribution network.


See what you can do with DMS

  • Manage beat routes for field operations
  • Track field force location in real time
  • Order booking by field salesmen using mobile app
  • Instant order receipt at warehouse to start processing
  • Plan delivery routes and track delivery real time
  • Reduce shipment processing time
  • Instant notifications to stakeholders on payment receipt
  • Credit control for retailers to reduce working capital need.

Advantage Highlights

logoEmpower Field Sales force

Empower your field sales force and track orders from field in real time

logoReduce Stock and Cash Pilferage

Control cash pilferage from field operations by tracking cash transactions in real time

logoError minimization using automation

Minimize back office operations using automation, reduce manual interventions and improve accuracy

logoPlanning and Forecasting

Inventory planning and forecasting with real time order and inventory visibility

logoSales and Operations Planning

Build and execute your Sales and Operations Plan (S&OP)

logoKPIs and Rewards

Track sales force KPIs, ensure regular performance reviews and recognize best salespeople using awards and bonuses

logoValuable Business Metrics on the go

Track business performance in real time and always remain on top of your business with all your valuable business data at one place


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